Traffic Generation

There are many different methods and strategies that can be tailored to fit your own budget and business niche.

Discover 5 Types of Traffic and the many different way’s to drive Web Traffic to your website, landing pages and online campaign offers.

We will look at Targeted Free Traffic, Organic Traffic, Viral Traffic & Paid Traffic as well as different way’s to leverage some of the most common ways to advertise and market your business and we will take a closer look at some of the most effective ways to generate an unlimited flow of web traffic to your website, campaign pages, landing pages and offers.

Free Traffic is generally traffic that can be acquired without spending money to advertise and this could include simple social media posting, blog articles and search optimised web pages. There are also many different advertising networks and marketing systems that will offer free web traffic, however, free web traffic does not always equal to reaching enough people to make your campaign effective but it’s still worth a shot. Most marketing systems offer a free service which is really just designed and offered for free to allow you to explore the functions and capabilities with a view to investing some money to advertise and drive a massive amount of traffic to your web pages in order to see some results. Unless your main source of traffic is through word of mouth advertising you should consider testing out various different web traffic methods and be prepared to set aside some money to invest in online advertising and marketing.

Targeted Traffic allows you to reach only the right types of people who may be already searching for or have an interest in what you have to offer.  Drive Traffic to your website by determining where your audience is most likely to be searching for your products and or services. Targeted Traffic also pertains to age, gender and Geo location. It’s important to know how to target your ads and campaigns to a specific group of people who are most likely to take action with your offers and campaigns.

Organic Traffic is traffic generally generated through SEO, Search engine optimisation using tags and key words but it could also be traffic gained through Social Media Groups or Networks, Business Networks and Advertising Networks often offer their members free or low cost advertising resulting in a mixture of free, paid, viral and organic traffic.

Viral Traffic is generally traffic that is generated through a third party service or through social sharing, for example if you have some twitter followers who love your content they may decide to share and re-tweet your post resulting in free viral traffic.

Another method is to use Viral Traffic Networks & Membership sites designed to help you boost your web traffic results using a specific set of online marketing tools and strategies.

Word of mouth and social media channels can be really effective when used correctly and there are also some useful traffic tools that can help you to not only boost traffic but increase your social reach and following.

Paid Traffic would be the result of paying for advertising products or services, it could also be the result of using social media advertising campaign software or the built in advertising systems that are part of the service provided by the particular social network or advertising network. There are also agencies that may offer a service to promote and advertise to drive traffic to your campaigns on your behalf.

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